May 24, 2024

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10 Things Fans Are Excited About, According To Reddit

Disney+ has a large and varied collection of original film and television projects, but one of their most hotly anticipated releases is the Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers movieThe film’s recent teaser trailer has captivated audiences of all ages, with its wacky and surreal nature promising a wholly unique feature.

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Chip ‘n’ Dale’s new movie is set to become one of the year’s biggest releases, with Disney fans intrigued to discover more about this especially unusual flick. Reddit, in particular, has exhibited considerable excitement for the cheeky chipmunk duo’s latest outing, with posters speaking enthusiastically about the family comedy adventure.


Chip And Dale’s New Jobs

Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers

The original Rescue Rangers series involves Chip and Dale operating as private detectives who investigate various crimes alongside their animal accomplices. But according to IGN, the pair are undertaking a completely different set of jobs in the upcoming film, with Chip becoming an insurance salesman while Dale tours the convention circuit as a former TV star. Reddit poster Szimplacurt is particularly enthused to witness the chipmunks’ new occupations, as he describes how Dale is set to “troll the nostalgic circuit.”

Chip and Dale’s latest jobs offer plenty of comedic potential, with the duo taking drastically different paths following the end of their television series. Chip’s insurance salesman shtick is sure to lead to plenty of laughs, as he attempts to sell some expensive legal cover using his considerable fame. Meanwhile, Dale’s convention gigs could offer an amusing commentary on nostalgia culture, with the chipmunk utilizing his star-studded past to profit from his loyal fan base.

Uncanny Valley

Taylor Swift strikes a menacing pose as a cat, while the cats from Cats fight in an alleyway in the Rescue Rangers trailer.

CGI is responsible for some of the most impressive visuals, but sometimes it can also lead to the most disappointing visual effects. The recent Rescue Rangers trailer features its own meta-reference to CGI’s less desirable outcomes, which has left Reddit user Just2Good especially impressed with the film’s teased uncanny valley, describing it as “a fun concept.”

This sequence delivers many fun moments within the released trailer, as Chip and Dale encounter a few of the worst computer-generated effects. Seth Rogen’s portrayal of Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf gives one of the teaser’s funniest moments, with the chipmunks pondering why he doesn’t appear to be making eye contact with them. The Cats cameo produces the trailer’s greatest highlight, though, with the movie’s notoriously poor CGI )which resulted in many believing the film should have been animated) coming under fire in hilarious fashion, as the felines are glimpsed scrapping in a back alley.

Gadget’s Mysterious Disappearance

DuckTales Chip Dale Gadget Monterey Jack Rescue Rangers Cameo

As the mouse responsible for Chip and Dale’s many inventions, Gadget is an essential member of the Rescue Rangers team. The quirky inventor is strangely missing from the upcoming movie’s trailer, though, leaving fans including Reddit’s Mr_McSonsteintwitz intrigued by her absence.

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This curious mystery could lead to one of the film’s biggest twists, with Mr_McSonsteinwitz declaring “Gadget’s 100% the villain.” Gadget’s secret deviance to the dark side would provide a truly shocking twist for Disney Plus audiences, while also adding some interesting personal stakes for Chip and Dale, as they are forced to confront the mouse they believed to be their friend.

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge swims in money in the Rescue Rangers Trailer

With the gigantic success of Disney’s DuckTales reboot, Scrooge McDuck has seen a major resurgence in popularity, capturing the interests of audiences old and new. Donald Duck’s wealthy nephew also features in the latest Rescue Rangers trailer, which has left Reddit poster Dubblix excited by his inclusion in the Disney Plus movie, noting how Scrooge’s trailer cameo “sounded like” David Tennant.

Scrooge’s appearance holds plenty of promise to become one of the film’s greatest moments, with the greedy cartoon character considered one of David Tennant’s best roles of 2021. The Scottish actor brings an endearing sense of loyalty to his version of the duck billionaire, and his kind-hearted nature in the face of danger could make him a valuable ally for Chip and Dale during their latest quest. Scrooge’s adventurous spirit could lead to some especially fun action scenes, as he helps defeat the chipmunks’ menacing new adversary.

Monetary Jack’s Cheese Addiction

The original Rescue Rangers television series featured many colorful characters, but one of the cartoon’s most entertaining individuals is Monetary Jack. The Australian mouse appears in the Rescue Rangers movie teaser, and his presence has delighted Reddit user SurrenderToTheFloww, who has excitedly declared “Sometimes dreams do come true.”

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This teaser’s depiction of Monetary Jack is an especially funny take, as it presents the well-traveled mouse as suffering from a serious cheese addiction. Monetary’s dependency on the dairy product acts as an amusing metaphor for drug addiction, with Chip and Dale’s trusted friend unable to resist its lure.  It’s a surprisingly edgy and provocative joke for Disney’s upcoming release, which provides a humorous sequence for the film’s adult audience.

Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit dances with Chip and Dale in the Rescue Rangers trailer

Who Framed Roger Rabbit has developed a considerably large fan base over the years, with many viewers believing it to be the perfect watch for a guys’ night. Yet despite its immense popularity, its titular character disappeared from the scene following his debut movie. 2022 will see the zany cartoon rabbit finally make his grand return, in Rescue Rangersand Reddit’s FontFanatic is thrilled to witness his comeback, exclaiming “I’m sold!.”

Roger’s addition to the movie’s roster implies the Disney Plus original may be set within the same world as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which also explored the concept of animated characters living alongside a human population. This rather compelling idea could also open the door for other characters such as Jessica Rabbit and Judge Doom to feature, which would deliver some truly neat connections to the beloved motion picture.

The Ranger Plane

The Rescue Rangers go for a flight in the Ranger Plane.

One of the most iconic aspects of the Rescue Rangers series is the Ranger Plane, which acts as Chip and Dale’s trusty transportation across their many adventures. Reddit poster Professor_Retro is excited to see this airborne vehicle feature within the movie, observing how “you can just barely see her [Gadget] flying the CGI Ranger Plane.”

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The Rangers Plane contains several fun features, such as a minigun and a large red balloon attached to its cockpit, which could lead to some extremely unforgettable scenes within the much-anticipated picture. Its exceedingly fast speed and impressive durability could also lend itself well to some thrilling action sequences, as Chip and Dale embark on their new adventure.


A possible appearance from Aladdin in the Rescue Rangers Trailer

Considered the most likable character in his cinematic outing, Aladdin forms a strong and endearing presence throughout the 1993 classic. Reddit user LEGOK9 is particularly glad to have seen the loveable street urchin star in the Rescue Rangers trailer, which he describes as “brilliant and surreal.”

This teaser features some particularly awe-inspiring call-backs to the Aladdin movie, with the cocksure thief shown to be flying his magic carpet while donning his “Prince Ali” gear.  Aladdin’s inclusion could also lead to some incredible stunts, with his excellent parkour skills creating some spectacular sequences.

CGI Cosmetic Surgery

Chip and Dale drive a car.

CGI/live-action hybrids have proven successful among audiences for many years, with films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam becoming big Box Office hits. The Rescue Rangers continues this cinematic trend, with Chip and Dale as washed-up actors living among a human population. It’s the unique spin on this movie format, though, that has left audiences excited, with Reddit poster I’mBoredButAndTired impressed with the way the film depicts Chip and Dale adopting two very different animated styles, labeling it as “very interesting.”

Rescue Rangers’ approach to Dale’s 3D CGI appearance provides one of the teaser’s most hilarious moments, as the mischievous chipmunk compares it to plastic surgery. Furthermore, the mixture of 2D and 3D animation is truly unique, with Chip’s 2D appearance alongside Dale’s 3D CGI makeover allowing the film to develop its own novel visual style.

Video Piracy

Chip 'n Dale 2022

Conflict is at the heart of every cinematic movie, but Rescue Rangers perhaps has the strangest antagonistic force in movie history. The film’s official synopsis teases the chipmunk duo taking on the threat of video piracy, and this bonkers concept has left Reddit’s TerminalBlue intrigued, describing it as “a very tongue in cheek plot.”

Chip and Dale’s attempts to solve this common issue could deliver some entertaining meta-commentary on the movie industry’s greatest foe, as they try to save their animated friends from this nefarious crime. Rescue Rangers’ rather weird narrative is an especially topical subject, with video piracy having become significantly more commonplace in the age of digital downloads and streaming.

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