April 22, 2024

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Archangel Metatron Explains Jesus Christ’s Crucifiction Is a Story Written Into The Bible From Fear

My wife Jill is an Avatara; a person chosen by the Divine to deliver messages for the betterment of mankind. Here she is, trance-channeling a message from the Voice of God:- Archangel Metatron.

Although the Archangels we are mostly aware of are specific to our planet, Archangel Metatron is the only direct connection to the Creator and manages the Archangels and Angelic Realm for all universes. Metatron wanted us to know about the truth about was was written in the Bible, and this is what I penned.

Metatron: Greetings, it is wonderful that we have the chance to commune again; and I know that there are many questions that you have. To enable you to be able to move on, perhaps it would be more wise if we deal with some of these issues that you feel the need for further clarification. Perhaps we should first address Glenn’s concerns or quest of truth on Joshua (Jesus Christ).

Joshua was killed in Judea. Because of his channeling ability, there were many jealousies by the religious leaders, so it was decided in the interests of keeping law and order; a drink served with snake venom would be a quick and efficient way of removing Joshua.

His physical body was left in an unmarked cave. It would perhaps help you more, if you can understand that at this time, someone who owned sacred texts of God’s words held extreme powers. They used these words as weapons. Others feared that, if what they claimed was true, they would bring upon themselves the wrath of God. This is why you will find so many so called Gospels and Sacred Texts.

Anyone and everyone who could write, would write to ensure that they and their families were protected. Fear is a very powerful commodity if you are the one who can instill fear into others. Remember, if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it as the truth.

So many of you are searching to find what life is all about, yet very few of you have really taken the time to live life, discover who you are, and to take time out to experience everything around you without any habitual assumptions or beliefs. The word reality really doesn’t mean anything. Only when you can free yourself from your opinions and look around you with fresh eyes will you be able to connect with your world, God; light; the one conscious energy.

We greatly felt Glenn’s pain and surrounded him with love and light when his son decided not to stay with Glenn; and we know how much Glenn struggles with our comments when he finds that they have taken a change in direction. However, it is equally important that it is just as frustrating for us, when a human being decides to disconnect from divine direction and utilise their ego, mind and wounded self, to guide them differently. We now have to work to try and bring that human being back onto their spiritual pathway.

Glenn’s son is allowing his fears and false beliefs to overthrow his true connection with the higher source. It is within the very nature of human kind to blame others, spirits or God, when expectations aren’t met. Yet, it is not ‘us’ that have disconnected from you, but you, who have disconnected yourself from us.

Watching human beings is similar to watching a game of snakes and ladders. Many times you all aspire and try to work through the challenges, but then when some of you meet with challenges, a good percentage of you will slide back down, to have to go through everything again. Others will determinedly stay connected and focused, and move through the obstacles that lay ahead. You will find that many people will assume that from our teachings, we are in fact asking you to totally discard the Bible, the religious practices; but remember that there is duality in everything. There are both good and bad parts to your traditional religions.

What we are asking of you, is to discard the bad, the negative points that tell you, you are all sinners and destined for hell, and to take the symbolic teachings of loving one another and working towards peace and harmony. For some humans, the religious rituals help them to feel at peace, protected and safe. Your religious holidays that ensure you all come together, similar to other traditional nostalgic events, again bring a reminder to humankind to think of others.

You can still continue to honour these spiritual times as these are things that will help you evolve and move forward in your spiritual growth. What we ask you to discard are the teachings that bring about religious, colour or sexual discrimination. Teachings that ensure you have little self-belief, and that you must pay for your sins and be lead by someone who claims they have an authority on who will and won’t enter heaven.

We are asking you to become aware of your spirituality; the extremely unique person that you are, and the ability you have to help those around you. For when you help others, you also help yourself. We are asking you all to be open-minded and use your actual experiences of life, to help you understand your connection with others, the universe, God; light and the one conscious mind.

You are not English. You are not American. You are not Arabic. You are not Russian. You are not Chinese. You are all human beings who share this planet. When you can grasp this, then you will discover the meaning of life. Remember you are not separate; you are all one. You don’t need to understand life, to enjoy it. Human beings will often tell stories to help others make sense of what they wish to convey. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they tell the truth. So by being aware of this, you will find it easier to combine ideas, share your awareness and spiritual intuitions to find some form of agreement.

Many humans are so inspired by their own stories, they eventually become the absolute truth, so we would leave you with this thought upon which to ponder. Beware of concepts (Something formed in the mind by combining all parts and features to conceive something.), for concepts have the ability to disconnect you from the Divine. When you next open your mouth to speak, are you speaking of concepts and theories gained from others, or from your own spiritual awareness and experiences? For when you speak from concepts, the end result will always be a battle of opinions.

Light and love. Metatron

When you’ve read this, consider how many times you know of someone lying, to cover their back and protect themselves from consequences. How much lying is put into the written word, in letters and emails, for fear of people finding the truth? How much lying is done by Politicians, for their own benefit? How much lying is done by Governments and the Military, to cover truth and protect themselves from the wrath of the public? So how much lying was written by people in fear in Biblical times, to protect themselves and their families?