April 19, 2024

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Beyond All Ancient Codes

A new suggestion that is good is a new reality that is ultimately good and beneficial. With that dramatic statement, I begin this article. Why live in the past, progress is a good thing, especially when you know how to work the progress to your genuine benefit and progressively better reality. The past and living in it literally is stagnation in every genuine sense.

In reality, the meaning of evolution is forward, not backward or stagnant, literally.

I remember a friend of mine once said: “I wish I could go back in time to an earlier age that was better.” Well, I had a simple answer to that: “Even if you went back in time and came back up to now, you would still be in this time anyway.”

The point of my answer was not to shut him up or put him down, it was to show him how reality genuinely works, and if the flow is not genuinely gone with, it will leave you behind even if you have the means and ability to genuinely cheat or circumvent. In fact, cheating and circumventing reality is not going with the flow, it is actually deeply breaking the law, even if “undetectable” by the best of others. Indeed, cheating is not superior ability even if “you get away with it”, it is cheating. Why do you think the philosophies of Plato, Marx and Kant sound so good but never work in practice, they are based on socialism, irrationally controlling behaviors, and conniving trickery that looks like law and order. Let us be honest there. For honesty, logic and not cheating will get you everywhere without your conscience biting at you in such destructive ways although it will take “longer” and require more earning power, it is worth it. Indeed, the ancient codes say that philosophy and religion are supposed to hold the answers. I say the answers are genuinely within our honesty and ability to genuinely earn our way through reality, that is where the answers are. Call it a “new code”, call it “how it really works”, but ultimately it has the merit of being an honest, working way to live: Not looking for short cuts and cheating ways to live, if you get where I am coming from so far.

Sometimes, I remember what my Dad used to say with a chuckle: “Nobody can fool their own mind into thinking wrong is right and right is wrong, whatever they do.” Indeed, we can go every other way than right thinking we will win cheating, but even if we do, we know we have cheated, that is conscience, reality and fact calling us to make amends even if “we got away with it.” That really is beyond ancient codes that call to make it easier, is it not? Indeed, earning and the hard way is the only way, and if we really want what we want, we will do it honestly.