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BOARD MEETING AS POSTED BECKER COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS DATE: TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2022, at 8:15 a.m. LOCATION: Board Room, Courthouse Agenda/Minutes: Meeting was brought to order by Board Chair Knutson. Commissioners in attendance: Knutson, Okeson, Nelson, Grimsley and Vareberg, County Administrator Pat Oman and minute taker Amy Rissmann Pledge of Allegiance Agenda Confirmation – moved and seconded to approve agenda with the following change: Additions of License Resolution 01-22-2E for Raffle CLSC from Auditor-Treasurer, Highway Bid #2 for Roof at new highway building and Pay Equity Compliance Report approval from Human Resources Minutes – moved and seconded to approve minutes of January 4th, 2022, with the requested changes. (Grimsley, Vareberg), carried. Commissioners: Open Forum: Danny Johnson present to communicate concerns of snow removal Reports and Correspondence: Reports were provided on the following meetings: Commissioner Knutson: Sheriff and Finance Commissioner Vareberg: No reports Commissioner Grimsley: Library Enhancement Committee Commissioner Okeson: Sheriff, Finance and Communication Board Commissioner Nelson: MRC and Highway Appointments: It was moved and seconded to appoint John Hanson to Buffalo-Red Watershed Board (Nelson, Okeson) carried It was moved and seconded to appoint Jeff Moritz to Cormorant Lake Watershed Board (Nelson, Knutson), carried. Approved 2022 Committee Assignments as presented (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. County Administrator: Pat Oman OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard Review After discussion Board of Commissioners determined that the County would follow Federal and State mandates for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination or testing and face covering if set by Federal and State Courts. Approve Resolution #01-22-1N – Sponsorship of the Lake Agassiz Regional Library for Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust Membership (Grimsley, Nelson) carried. Motion to approve Pay Equity Compliance Report approval from Human Resources (Nelson, Okeson) carried. Finance Committee Minutes: Auditor-Treasurer Mary Hendrickson presented: Regular Claims and Auditor Warrants and Over 90 days: 01/05/2022 in the amount of $680.65 01/11/2022 in the amount of $289,738.66 Total of $290,419.31 Over 90 Days: Ron Sprafka dated 02-21,04-21,08-2021 in the amount of $192.40, mileage. Teiken Road Maintenance dated 09-21 & 10-21 in the amount of $24,886.90, just turned in. Motion made by Okeson, seconded by Nelson, carried. Human Services Claims Human Services Public Health Transit Motion to approve Human Services claims (Grimsley, Vareberg), carried. Licenses & Permits: Resolution #01-22-2E to approve gambling application for Raffle for Cormorant Lakes Sportsman Club (Nelson, Okeson), carried. Uniform Guidance Policies Review, which is required for federal audit of ARPA funds (Nelson, Okeson), carried. Highway: Jim Olson Public Hearing – Purpose, in part, of giving preliminary approval for the issuance of the County’s general obligation capital improvement plan bonds and adopting the capital improvement plan Motion to open public hearing (Grimsley/Okeson) Motion to close public hearing (Nelson/Grimsley) Motion to approve Resolution #01-22-2A (Okeson, Nelson), carried. Public Hearing – Purpose to review property tax abatements. Motion to open public hearing (Nelson, Okeson) Motion to close public hearing (Okeson, Nelson) Motion to approve Resolution #01-22-2B TAP for Bond Issue related to Transit Area in Highway Building Resolution (Nelson, Okeson), carried. Motion to approve Resolution #01-22-2C Sale of Bonds (Nelson, Okeson), carried. Motion to approve Resolution #01-22-2D (2) Seasonal Maintenance Workers, (1) shared Seasonal Worker, and (1) Engineering Intern Personnel Request (Okeson, Nelson), carried. Capital Improvement Expenditure Request for pre-buy of Base One product for aggregate road base stabilization. Motion to approve quote (Okeson, Nelson) carried. Motion to approve, Herzog, as low bid for Roofing project (Nelson, Okeson) carried. Planning and Zoning: Kyle Vareberg Request a Conditional Use Permit to Operate a Business: Donavon & Nicole D Strandberg 25318 Co Hwy 13 Audubon, MN 56511, Parcel # 14.0076.000. Motion to approve (Okeson, Nelson), carried. Request for Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Extension: Justin Knopf 30907 Co Hwy 54 Frazee, MN 56544, Parcel # 30.0106.001. Motion to approve (Nelson, Okeson), carried. Amend Resolution #07-21-1E to include the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee as a compensated committee where board member compensated $130 per meeting and committee members compensated $110 per meeting with an additional amount of $50 for meetings 4 hours or more. Motion by Nelson, seconded by Okeson, carried. Being no further business, Chair Knutson adjourned the meeting at 9:35 a.m. /s/Pat Oman County Administrator /s/Larry Knutson Board Chair Becker County WARRANTS FOR PUBLICATION Warrants Approved On 01/18/2022 For Payment 01/21/2022 Vendor Name Amount ASSOCIATION OF MINNESOTA COUNTIES 20,461.00 BOND TRUST SERVICES CORPORATION 412,737.50 Butler Machinary Company 2269.50 CIVICPLUS LLC 9794.76 CliftonLarsonAllen LLP 7,271.25 COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE 8,785.34 COMPASS MINERALS AMERICA 35,028.71 DAVID GERAY TRUCKING, LLC 5,518.00 DODD/TIMOTHY 3,000.00 ENVIROTECH SERVICES, INC. 7,199.10 ERNEST C. ANDERSON GRAVEL, INC 6,982.83 FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER 5,000.00 FARGO CITY 6,724.28 GREAT PLAINS TRANSPORTATION SERVICES 7,472.93 HAUGEN/JOSHUA ERWIN 2,600.00 HENDRICKS ROAD MAINTENANCE 4,550.50 HOMETOWN FIBER 6,500.00 Houston Engineering Inc 10,615.75 KITZMANN/STUART 2,066.67 LEGAL SERVICES OF NORTHWEST MINNESOTA 4,025.00 MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 2,208.10 MEND CORRECTIONAL CARE, PLLC 16,967.19 MILLER YARD CARE AND CONSTRUCTION 8,114.00 MINNESOTA COUNTIES COMPUTER COOPERA 15,811.94 MINNESOTA COUNTY ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATIO 5,146.00 MINNESOTA DEPT OF CORRECTIONS 11,229.21 MN COUNTIES INTERGOVERNMENTAL TRUST 652,928.00 MUTCHLER BARTRAM ARCHITECTS, P.C. 56,986.41 NELSON INTERNATIONAL 49,410.80 NORTHWEST REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT COM 6,698.00 PRAIRIE LAKES MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE AUT 132,610.00 ROYAL TIRE INC 7,017.74 SATELLITE TRACKING OF PEOPLE LLC 3,680.00 SEABERG OIL CO., INC. 2,494.90 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT LLC 7,095.27 TEAM LABORATORY CHEMICAL, LLC 2,125.09 Teiken Road Maintenance Inc 36,629.50 THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR CORP. 4,327.20 WALKER/ELIZABETH ANN 2,600.00 98 Payments less than $2,000 37,128.53 Final Total: 1,629,811.00 (Feb. 20, 2022) 34164