April 12, 2024

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Careers in Law – Finding a Reputable Recruitment Agency

For those working in the legal industry, or hoping to do so soon, it can very difficult to find the right vacancy in the right company. One of the most common ways to make a start is by registering as a candidate with a successful and experienced legal recruitment agency.

However, there are several operating in the field, and it can be difficult to find the right one for you. That’s where our checklist can help…

Choose an agency with lots of jobs – Unless you’ve found a niche recruitment agency, specialising in just one area of the legal sector, you’ll want to find one that has lots of jobs to search through. While you’re only looking for one, you’ll want an agency that is popular among employers.

Choose an agency with relevant jobs – There are many agencies that aren’t sector specific, so do make sure they’re a legal specialist. But go one step further and make sure they do have the roles you’re looking for and ask how frequently they tend to become available.

Find an agency with a good reputation – It stands to reason that an agency that has years under its belt will have been doing something right. Find out everything you can about their history and, if possible, talk to people who’ve used them before.

Find out their success rate – Part of that good reputation will come from their success rate in placing candidates. Discover what this is and let that dictate how much time you spend using them.

Get a contact person that specialises in your area – Every legal recruitment agency will have people that will look for jobs for you. Know their name and the type of roles they specialise in.

Maintain constant communication -The agency should be keeping you informed of any new jobs that are possibly relevant, but it’s also worth keeping an eye on their jobs boards and flagging up with them any roles you want to know more about.

Find an agency that allows you to upload your CV to the website – By doing this, as well as sending it in to the recruitment agency, you can be sure that many clients will have access to your information.

Compare jobs online – The better legal recruitment websites will allow you to compare jobs side-by-side to help you see which are right for you. You might want to choose by job title, or location, or even by the firm of solicitors.

Make sure you get help when YOU need it – The right sort of recruitment company will help you as and when you need it, not just when it suits them. This will only come from experience, but if they’re not working in your interests, there are plenty who will.