February 26, 2024

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Dating Filipino, Asian Women

Why Filipino Asian women involve themselves in an online dating site, or mail order bride? They are being misinterpreted by a lot of people who are against in this form of finding a lifetime partner. Different unpleasant labels are associated with these Filipino women who are into this activity, labels such as desperate ladies or high-class comfort women.

But before you throw stones at these women, do you really know where they are coming from? I mean do you know why they really engage in this match making activity? How about the men who participate into this activity? How will you label them? Though maybe you have basis in some areas and in some women, but you can not make a generalization for everyone who is into it.

Filipino ladies are generally demure but this does not mean that they are foolish. They are smart and they know what they are doing and what they want too. Individuals have different likes, dislikes and inclinations. Choosing a partner is somehow affected by those preferences. Some people regardless of race are simply inclined to marry people who are coming from different countries. There are so many men and women across the globe that are doing this, so it is not fair to single out Filipinas and judge them rudely.

Probably the main reason why Filipino girls are basically sought after by many foreign men is because they are extraordinary as a wife. They are close to the ideal of many men for a wife. Her love, patience, the way she cares, her manner, are simply unrivaled. This is because once she is married she makes sure that her husband and her children are her top priorities. She can set aside her personal wants like a career outside home, because she wants to make sure that she is there for her husband and children. Her self-fulfillment is basically anchored in her family. She makes sure that her husband lacks nothing in terms of what he needs. She gives all the support that her husband needs too. She also makes it a point that her children are well cared and assisted too. If everything is okay in her home then a Filipino Asian wife is already accomplished.