April 19, 2024

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Does My Ex Love Me? Five Encouraging Signs That Men and Women Can Look For in Their Exes

One of the trickiest questions to answer when it comes to relationships is, “Does my ex love me?” After all, a breakup means both people stopped caring for one another, right? This is not necessarily the case. Just because you’ve been dumped doesn’t mean your ex stopped loving you; it may mean they had some things they needed to contend with without you in their life.

Yet, a time may come when you ask yourself, “Does my ex love me?” because your ex is suddenly back in your life and would like to be friends again. How do you get the answer to your question? How do you know if your ex is in love with you or just wants to stay friends? This is when you’ll need to closely examine their actions to get the answer to your question.

Sign 1 – She/He Contacts You First

You may be asking, “Does my ex love me” because he/she contacted you out of the blue. Not because of anything important but because they wanted to talk to you and see how you’ve been. You may even spend a great deal of time on the phone talking about odds and ends. She/he may even bring up the relationship but nothing too personal, just to judge how you react to the topic.

Sign 2 – She/He Invites You To Public Venues With Them and Friends

Once you’ve started communicating again and on your way to being good friends, your ex may invite you out with them and friends. Many times this “friends outing” is a ploy to see if you’ll even go out with them as part of the group. You can bet that you’re getting an answer to, “Does my ex love me” if they want to include you in the outings with their friends again. It may also be a precursor to them asking you out on a date, where it’s just you and your ex.

Sign 3 – She/He Compliments You About The Way You Look

Many people, after a breakup, will improve the way they look. Not because they look bad but because they want to look better, all in the hopes to do one of two things. First, they may look to getting together with someone new. Second, they may be trying to get back together with their ex. They may join an exercise program to lose weight. They may cut their hair or dye it. They may purchase new clothes to highlight their physical changes. If you’ve been talking to your ex and decide to take them up on their offer to go out with friends, listen for compliments they give you on the way you look. Chances are you’re getting an answer to your, “Does my ex love me” question.

Sign 4 – She/He Touches You When Out Together

When you’re out with your ex and you’re wondering, “Does my ex love me”, watch for touching signs from your ex. For instance, do they stand close by you? Do they occasionally or incessantly touch you on the arm or hand? Remember that touching is very personal and the repeated touching by your ex is a very good sign that they do indeed love you.

Sign 5 – She/He Asks You Out Directly

Rest assured, the surest way to get the answer to your, “Does my ex love me” question is them asking you out directly. It’s true that women do this far less than men but it does happen. If your ex asks you out on a date without anyone else around, you can take that as a sure bet that your ex loves you.

No longer do you have to wonder, “Does my ex love me”, as you have five signs that can give you the conclusion that your ex is attracted and in love with you. This is when you need to figure out for yourself if you’re really ready to jump back into the relationship frying pan. Has everything been worked out that, if you gave it another chance, another breakup would be far less likely to occur?