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Drugs, CIA, And USA – Mena, Arkansas Coverup

Drugs, CIA, And USA – Mena, Arkansas Coverup

I watched a very disturbing and enlightening video about drugs, the CIA, and American governmental corruption last night. The title is CONSPIRACY, THE SECRET HISTORY, SECRET HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA – The C.I.A. & Drugs. New Science Ideas is the producer. Every American should watch this video.

It seems people overseas know more about the CIA than most Americans. Of course there is a reason for this. Our media is censored in the name of “national security” matters. National security, as you will learn, is a subject that shows up in the weirdest places.

The drugging of America costs us more than $16 billion a year and has killed more people than the Vietnam war. Who profits and who is responsible? Follow the money.

Ironically when first lady Nancy Reagan was saying “Just say no to drugs.” the CIA and Barry Seal were bringing them in from Medellin, Colombia. The agency used the cocaine money once sold in the USA to buy and bring arms to the contras to Nicaragua. Oliver North was heavily involved in the fiasco.

Anyone in Mena, Arkansas who tried to expose this circle of corruption, including the head prosecutor, was threatened or killed. When two young men saw a drug drop by the train tracks in Arkansas, they were immediately knocked off. The cover-up ran throughout local and state government. President Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas at that time. He played along keeping quiet and afterward got lots of drug money donated to his presidential campaigns.

President Bush I was no less guilty as former director of the CIA. His watchful eye and reading of the CIA briefings, which he as a former President still reads daily, makes him equally liable during his tenure as Vice President. At least they got that word vice right?

The people who caused the cocaine epidemic that swept the nation during the 1980s wasn’t African Americans in the ghetto. Many of them in those days could barely cash a paycheck, much less smuggle drugs via planes into the country. When the USA has satellite technology capable of reading the writing on a golf ball, there should be no difficulty tracking down the likes of drug smugglers and Bin Laden. That is unless you are covertly working with them.

A three-year investigation into the life and times of Barry Seal, one of the most famous CIA agents and successful drug smugglers in America’s history, revealed the extent of governmental corruption throughout America.

When Mena, Arkansas was brought up during the Oliver North trial, suddenly everything went into closed quarters away from the public eye. Why? What does the government know that it doesn’t want the American people to know?

When international drug distribution organizations are integrated vertically throughout our government, there is room for concern. Dan Harmon was involved in the obstruction of justice locally n Saline County, Arkansas. He was indicted and found guilty on 5 of 11 charges. Sucking off the tit of shameful governmental secret operations, Harmon was never charged for murder in the two train deaths. After his release from prison, Harmon was promoted. I guess it pays to be connected and play along.

New Orleans attorney Sam Dalton poignantly said, “When the government involves itself in activities like the CIA and starts averting natural events and the natural course of history, that is where the government itself becomes the criminal. This whole thing is hiding in plain sight. If you want a scandal, investigate retired DEA agents net worth and put it together. If the American people don’t make the government start behaving soon, we’re going to reach the point of no return.”

With Barry Seal and the CIA working the drug trade, they found in the deep south some compliant and cooperative governors. Hence the list of later Presidents elected from the south.

The FBI went to the New Orleans police office and seized the trunk and walked out with it, when Barry Seal died. The state judge had to back up attorney Sam Dalton and hold the FBI in contempt of court to get what evidence it needed for discovery. Sam Dalton also wanted to subpoena the CIA, but was unable to do so.

Jaws isn’t over until the sheriff meets the shark. Mena, Arkansas proved to be the biggest drop point for drugs in the entire country, a $130 billion dollar industry. It’s rather easy apparently to finance a governmental covert operation, when all airport personnel are willing to play along. The secret wars of the CIA 1981-1987 is written about by Woodward. The Clintons were partners in power.

To see the real culprits look around the periphery – not the smoking gun, but the bent twigs. Note the deaths, firings, threats, and attacks upon people in the know. Dan Lasater, a convicted drug dealer, was a big Clinton supporter. Jerry Parks, the head of than governor Clinton’s security detail, was killed in a hail of gunfire after telling associates he was a dead man one month after Vince Foster died. Arkansas criminal investigator Russell Welch got poisonous military grade anthrax sprayed in his face for his probe into the coverup.

Arkansas state coroner Bobby Malick (an Egyptian) played right along claiming he never made a mistake in 7000 autopsies. When the two young men who were killed on the train tracks for seeing a drug drop, Malick claimed it was a suicide. When the parents didn’t believe it, he decided to tell them the boys had high amounts of marijuana in their systems. However the 2nd autopsy revealed that stabbings had occurred along with a bruise to the face from what looked like the butt of a rifle. The boys lungs had 3 times the normal amount of blood in them, which indicated they were not killed by the impact of a train.

Sheriff Jim Stead, another participant in the coverup, called it a thorough investigation. The boy’s mother disagreed considering her son’s foot was left laying on the train tracks for 2 days. The green tarp seen by many after the impact of the train also brought into question a government cover-up.

Prosecutor Jean Duffey was one of the few would didn’t play along. She was threatened and eventually run out of town. She thought her life was in danger and moved to Houston, TX where she now teaches high school geometry. Duffey was appointed to head a federally funded drug task force in Arkansas. The day she was appointed Gary Arnold walked in and told her she was not to use the task force to investigate any public officials.

Duffey was put in charge of half-a-dozen under cover agents. They couldn’t get much above street level buying, but when they started connecting public officials to protecting the drug dealers Dan Harmon’s name came up immediately and most frequently. The train deaths became the most famous unsolved mystery in Arkansas history. It received national attention and 1,000 newspapers wrote about it. Possible witnesses however were turning up dead.

Drug drops from low flying airplanes, which local residents reported hearing many nights, were never investigated by any law enforcement agency in the district. The drugs were being dropped in the same vicinity where Kevin & Don had been murdered along the train tracks.

Prosecutor Jean Duffey was the object of a smear campaign. Basically she was getting too close to the 7th judicial district. Hence she was fired in order to cover their asses. In 1991, drug task force secret agent Scott Loellen quit, saying “There is just too much dirt behind the scenes.” He served Saline, Grant, and Hot Springs counties. He later bad mouthed the drug task force saying, “That district is immersed in a reign of corruption that has important and powerful connections to political, judicial, and law enforcement officials.”

As an under cover officer, Scott gathered evidence of illegal activity, but for some reason the drug task force chose to ignore him. He quit because of the firing of Jean Duffey, the drug task force administrator.

In June 1990, Dan Harmon became the district’s prosecutor elect. Harmon’s first news conference and interview was entirely used to discredit Jean Duffey, who was disposed of and forced to flee to Houston, TX as her life was in danger.

Prosecutor Dan Harmon was on the tracks the night the boys were murdered. State police also were not doing their job. The mothers of the deceased boys were promised convictions in the 1990 federal investigation, when suddenly Chuck Banks shut down the investigation in June of 1991.

Other bits and pieces of evidence linking it all together was the fact that in the 1980s a former top CIA official kept a 2nd home in Medellin, Colombia.

Some other juicy tidbits of information. Oliver North’s 1st national program office was at Laguna Airfield, where 1400 lbs of cocaine was found on the runway.

Southern Air Transport, owned and operated by the CIA, provided the agency a subcontractor for plausible deniability while they dealt in drugs and arms trade. The privatization of American intelligence is the way the agency works.

The British version of 60 minutes, The Big Story, showed the trail of drug smuggling and gun running that led to the door of the White House. It exposed the blundering government coverups spanning seven investigations and some long frustrating years. The show revealing the cocaine connection was immediately banned in the USA within hours of its release.

During the days of the Oliver North trial, some 500 documents were shredded over 3 days. All our enemies knew it, but North wanted to conceal and keep it from Congress. Even surfers in Nicaragua named a surf spot after him do to the agency’s base there. As for Mena, Arkansas, it was home to Operation Black Eagle, the most massive covert operation in U.S. history.

1101 Mena St. is the local to the secret history of our life and times as a nation trafficking in drugs and arms. It is a small obscure town in western Arkansas, with a population around 5,000 people. With no tower and monitoring of flights, Barry Seal found Mena to be the perfect place to fly in and out without being recorded. Barry brought up to $5 billion of cocaine into the USA during the 1980s. Mena was where he based his cargo airline and parked his one of three C123 planes that made trips to Colombia and Nicaragua.

The mere mention of Mena has been sending chills down the spines of government propaganda officials for years. It’s nice to see the Democrats and Republicans work together on something. The doping of America is truly a bipartisan coverup.