July 17, 2024

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“I Was Gonna Make As Much Legal Sound As Possible”: 16 Y.O. Took Revenge On His Neighborhood Karen With A 9-Hour Music Party

There are never too many stories about annoying neighbors. At least until each person has their own house, completely soundproofed and invisible to other people, which actually means never.

It always happens that people who live nearby get annoyed with your lifestyle, constantly annoy you, and generally behave in the most disgusting way. And sometimes it even turns out that the most terrible neighbor is you yourself. In any case, stories about dirty tricks from neighbors – and subsequent revenge – will always take place.

Like it happened with this Redditor who told his own story, which took place about ten years ago, when he was sixteen, and gained over 5.6K upvotes and about 410 comments. This, as you probably already presumed, will be about an evil neighbor and the teenager’s petty revenge.

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Image source: Ian T. McFarland (not the actual photo)

The story took place when the original poster was 16 and his parents went away for two weeks on business

So, when the original poster was sixteen, his parents went away for two weeks on business, leaving him at home. The teenager’s plans included mainly PC gaming, which he did for almost 90 percent of his free time, while not forgetting about doing his chores around the house.

Image source: Alb1rdy

One day, the teenager began to receive some really strange letters which looked official

And so, one fine day, the OP began to receive strange letters on the letterheads of the local HOA with strict instructions to urgently cut the grass on the lawn or cut overgrown rose bushes – despite the fact that at first glance, everything looked dandy and well-trimmed.

Image source: Alb1rdy

Turned out the letters were written by a former HOA board member, a typical neighborhood Karen

The confused guy went to one of his neighbors who was on the HOA board, and it turned out that the letters were sent by a typical neighborhood Karen who had also previously tried to poison some of the local dogs (among which, by the way, was the OP’s dog). All the dogs survived, and the woman just escaped with expulsion from the HOA board.

Image source: Alb1rdy

Karen called the cops, claiming the OP arranged a noisy, drug-fueled party

The next day, the OP and his friends had long hangouts with Counter-Strike gaming, chips and energy drinks, as a result of which the same Karen called the police, stating that a noisy, drug-fueled party was taking place in the house. Cops made sure the boys were just playing and left, while the OP began to hatch his own revenge plan.

Image source: Lee Haywood (not the actual photo)

The next day the OP began to hatch his own revenge plan

Over the next few days, he went around to all the neighbors, enlisting their support, and also got permission from the police. After that, he installed music speakers around the perimeter of the Karen’s house – and precisely at 8 am, they turned on the music at a barely legal volume.

Image source: Alb1rdy

Loud music had been playing for nine hours in a row

The nasty neighbor tried to throw stones at them, called the police – they came, saw permission and left… and when she came to complain, OP sarcastically told her that her rose bushes were just too high.

Image source: Alb1rdy

A few years later, the nasty neighbor moved out of the area

This went on for nine hours in a row and the OP never heard from that Karen anymore. A few years later, she moved out of the area, and our hero does not know if it was because of his revenge or not. Then OP’s family also left, so he doesn’t have a clue what happened to the woman next.

Image source: Lara604 (not the actual photo)

Folks online were mostly amused by the author’s writing style but also admitted Karen deserved this revenge

We must admit that the commenters mostly cracked up at the author’s writing style – with numerous references and specific speech patterns, as well as the fact that in the USA, according to the laws, parents do not have the right to leave a sixteen-year-old child alone in the house for almost two weeks.

The OP noted that at that time, he did not live in the USA, but in Denmark, where such a thing is permissible. In general, people online supported the author, agreeing that the annoying neighbor got what she deserved – both for her nagging and especially for poisoning dogs. So revenge did come true – and righteous revenge, approved by the majority.

By the way, we wonder if you have any similar stories of confrontation with nasty neighbors. Somehow we’re sure you have some, so we’d love to take a glance – even if you tell your story in a less epic and picturesque style than the original poster.