April 19, 2024

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Importance of Virginity/Chastity

For Christians, chastity refers to sexual purity or the state of not having sexual relations before marriage. It also means fidelity to husband or wife during marriage. It is the state or practice of refraining from extramarital sexual intercourse. But sex within marriage is chaste.

The importance of a female’s chastity is really emphasized in patriarchal societies and by traditional religions. It is believed that a chaste bride values fidelity. Men are also encouraged to look for virgin wives because of their pureness and innocence.

However, in this era of millenials where liberal-mindedness is prevalent, we could no longer expect women to be still a virgin at fifteen. There are many reports on kids getting pregnant even at the age of nine. This is quite unbelievable but true. Girls have their first child at eleven or twelve which should not be because at this age, they are still very young even to take the responsibility of being a mother.

Our modern society accepts premarital sex nowadays with an open eyes. Unlike in the olden times that sex is considered as sacred and done in the sanctity of marriage. For some, it could be totally amazing under the some circumstances. But the problem there is the result of that aggressive behavior and its impact once a woman got pregnant out-of-wedlock.

Younger generations see sex nowadays as merely a need to satisfy. They do realize the consequence that it brings that will eventually lead to teenage pregnancy and poor parenting. These are serious issues that may impact the future of a woman.

Today’s generation is overwhelmed by female liberation and men no longer care about virginity. Female chastity is no longer valued unlike the past generations. In fact, many men confess that they prefer women who are no longer virgins because intercourse with sexually experienced women is more pleasurable compared to a neophyte.

Although virginity is still prized by some women, but men and women indulge in premarital sex nowadays. There are still few who prefer to remain virgins until their marriage, but majority care less about it.

For me, chastity for women is very important to preserve. Is the only gift that we could offer to our husband once we get married. But nowadays it is already considered meaningless because of the advent of technology and modernization.

I just wonder what causes the decline of morality nowadays! It is quite confusing and difficult. With the influence of modern technology, everything seems to be just on click or a text away.