April 12, 2024

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Law And Order: Organized Crime Set Up A Big SVU Reunion, But It Was Bad News For Stabler

Spoilers in advance for the March 17 episode of Regulation & Order: Arranged Criminal offense on NBC.

Legislation & Order: Structured Crime squandered no time in sending Stabler back again undercover in the 3rd arc of Season 2, with the workforce splitting their emphasis involving him embedded in the Brotherhood gang led by Donnelly (performed by Denis Leary) at the 37th precinct and Nova attempting to hold her cop identity mystery in the Marcy Killers organization. Stabler received some very terrible news at the conclude of “Guns & Roses” on March 17, but there is a bright side… for viewers, in any case. A huge SVU reunion is on the way to OC!

What Stabler Discovered Out In “Guns & Roses”