July 14, 2024

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The Truth About Darnell Self of Prepaid Legal Services

The Truth About Darnell Self of Prepaid Legal Services

One of the top leaders in Prepaid Legal Services right now is Darnell Self. Darnell is what Prepaid Legal Services refers to as a Millionaire Club Member, meaning that he has earned over 1 million dollars in commissions from Prepaid Legal over the course of his career. He is married to Traci Self. Both of them started their careers as mall workers.

Believing that there was a better life than their then check-to-check lifestyle, the Self’s got involved in network marketing. Darnell’s success wasn’t immediate however, and he often talks of struggling through their early years in the business.

Now Darnell is often referred to as the “face” of legal services. With one of the largest and top producing teams in Prepaid Legal, TeamNuVision, Darnell Self has established himself as one of the icons of such services.

But what about the man and his methods? Darnell trains strictly on building a business with warm market. Private business receptions (PBR’s), and 3-way calling are the foundation of his “system”. This leaves little room for the business associate who does not have a large warm market. Darnell Self, however, the success of Darnell’s team has been well documented with well over 40 individuals on his team reaching 6-figure income earner status.

Darnell and his leaders also place a significant emphases on personal development, faith, and family. An associate on his team will not only have the opportunity to learn how to build a successful network marketing business in Prepaid Legal, but will also be equipped for success in business and in life.