May 21, 2024

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Tuberculosis And Pregnancy – Two Conditions Examined For The US Immigration Medical Exam Procedure

In the United States there are USCIS – appointed immigration doctors for the green card. It has to be noted that the Immigration Medical Examination is a mandatory part of the entire journey of immigration – either for the green card or for any adjustment of status.

In this article we shall take a look at two conditions and how they are handled during the examination: a) Tuberculosis and b) Pregnancy.

a) Tuberculosis: There are some diseases that are considered as “top suspect” and these include infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. All those applicants who are 2 years or more have to go in for what is known as a T B skin examination – the immigration doctor for the green card will test applicants who are under 2 years of age if the existence of tuberculosis is suspected or there is a history of TB in the family, that is, there is a past history of the disease in the family, or if there is any other reason to suspect that there is a presence of the disease.

Once the skin test is done the applicant will have to return to the doctor within a period of 2 to 3 days to get the medical reports. If there is found to be a reaction of 4 mm or less then no further tests will be required for the disease, with the exceptions being the presence of TB symptoms or if the applicant suffers from a case of immunosupression. When the reaction to the skin test is 5 mm or more a chest x-ray is required for such applicants. This will be required even for pregnant women, if they are found to have a reaction of more than 5 mm.

If the immigration doctor feels that the applicant is infected with TB then he or she could be sent to the local health department, where more tests may have to be conducted.

Those who are found to have class A of the disease should have to fulfill a completed course of treatment before medical clearance is received from USCIS. Only then can the applicant get adjustment of status.

b) Pregnancy: There are many aspirants on the immigration path who try for green card status or for adjustment status even if they are trying for pregnancy or if the spouse is expecting.

The immigration doctor for green card would recommend a chest x-ray for the pregnant applicant if she tests positive during the tuberculin skin test. However, if the immigration doctor feels that it is unsafe for the applicant to go through an x-ray then she will have to wait till the specified time.

Moreover, vaccines like MMR cannot be administered during this time. Only the stipulated vaccines will be given to the applicant and she will be asked to visit the doctor after the delivery.