April 19, 2024

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Covert Hypnosis Secrets – How to Magnetically Attract and Seduce Anyone

Covert hypnosis is known by several different names such as underground hypnosis, or black ops hypnosis. Whatever name you call it by, it is a very powerful form of hypnosis that not many people are aware of.

With a little practice covert hypnosis can be used by most anyone to get others to do things they might not be aware of. Is it moral or ethical? You need to be the judge of that.

Magnetic Attraction

A person who uses this underground hypnosis technique has an almost magical power of magnetic attraction. Many politicians use this form of hypnosis to sway voters their way.

Many Don Juan types (and some women a.k.a. man eaters) have learned how use this technique to draw the opposite sex to them with much success.

Seduction Secrets: The Sexual Key

Women seem to be more easily influenced than men because they are emotional creatures. Ladies, that doesn’t mean men, are totally immune to this form of hypnosis. Some men are just as vulnerable to black ops hypnosis by a woman well versed in the technique.

Covert hypnosis uses words that penetrate down to the very core of a person. By using the right words in the right way, someone with a little know how can get most people to do just about anything, even seducing them. The person it’s being performed on isn’t even aware that this hypnotic technique is being used on them.

Sample Seduction Script: How To Use It On Your Wife, Husband or Lover

Using this may cause your significant other to experience an erotic episode that neither of you will forget. This should be used with the lights low and even soft music in the back round. You may something like “I want to speak the deepest part of your soul. Open your mind and heart to what I am saying. Open up and let go of all the emotions and inhibitions that bind you”.

Keep in mind this is a very basic script, and there is a little more to it than this, but I think you get the idea. Once a person learns to put together their own hypnosis script it can make their significant other blush, squeal and really open up to all sorts of possibilities.

What Some Women Have Admitted

Some women who have had black ops hypnosis techniques used on them by their significant other have admitted that it had a very erotic impact on them. Many of them wish that their man would talk to them more often in this way. It makes them feel very connected to the person who is using the technique on them.

Seduction Scripts For Someone You Have Just Met

The above script is used for people who are well acquainted with each other. However, there are very powerful seduction scripts that can be used on someone you have just met.

When using these scripts properly, the person who it is being used on is completely unaware of what’s happening. These scripts are easy to learn and can fit very naturally into any conversation. There are several excellent online hypnosis courses that can teach you how to do this.

Erotic Fire

So no matter what you call it, covert hypnosis, underground hypnosis or black ops hypnosis is a very powerful technique for anyone desiring to start an erotic fire with their spouse, significant other, or for someone who wants to rule the dating scene.