March 3, 2024

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Impress A Guy On The First Date – How To Make Him Think About You All Night Long

Do you understand what it takes to impress a guy the first time you go out? Are you aware that how you respond to him can have an effect on how he treats you? Would you like to meet a man who knows how to treat a woman like a woman, instead of just someone to go out with? You probably appreciate a guy who opens the door and lets you walk into a restaurant ahead of him, or comes to your door to pick you up instead of just honking. Well, by the same token, there are certain things you can do to impress a guy too.

#1 – Mind Your Manners

Something that never goes out of style is good manners. When you were in school your teachers reminded you to be polite, and at home your parents were always asking you to say the magic word. Good manners are not just about using the right fork to eat your salad. They’re actually more about how you treat others. And you can really impress a guy if your good manners are on display.

He’ll take note of how you act in public settings. Are you polite to the wait staff in the restaurant or do you treat them like you’re too good for them? Do you make snide remarks about a heavyset girl who walks by? Do you show your temper if a car cuts you off? Think about how your actions and words come across and you’ll be able to judge what kind of an impression you might be making on a new guy.

#2 – Save The Gossip For The Girls

One thing most guys do not like or even understand is gossiping. He will not be impressed if you call out people you both know, or reveal bits of information that are essentially supposed to be private. After all, if you’re talking behind the backs of your friends and acquaintances, he may wonder what’s to stop you from talking about him when he’s not around.

#3 – Consider His Feelings

Another way to impress him is to show some consideration for him. If he introduces you to some of his friends, be friendly but make it obvious that you’re happy to be with him. Save the flirting for him alone.

#3 – Value His Time

If he arranges to pick you up at a specific time, be ready within a few minutes of his arrival. Call if you’re running late to let him know that you realize his time is valuable too. If you make him wait too long, you’re being inconsiderate and he definitely won’t be impressed.

There are no real secrets if you want to impress a guy on the first date. Just remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one.

Want to learn more about how to leave a good impression on the men you meet? Then I’d love to help you!