April 12, 2024

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My Wife Has Stopped Talking to Me! Dealing With Emotional Abandonment in Marriage

Every marriage comes with its own unique set of challenges. We all begin from the same starting gate with the promise of a lifetime of happy and fulfilling memories before us. The struggles that present themselves aren’t always expected but a couple that is committed and devoted to one another finds a way to bridge the difficulties so they can move towards a place that is stronger and more secure. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws us a curve ball and all we can do in that instance is approach it with as much vim and vigor as we can muster. Such is the case when you’re a man whose wife has stopped talking to him. If your spouse is no longer sharing her feelings and you’re feeling abandoned in an emotional sense, you have some weighty decisions before you.

Emotional abandonment within a marriage occurs for many different reasons. Women, who are often the most willing and emotionally able, tend to share their feelings at every opportunity that presents itself. If a wife suddenly pulls back and starts shielding what is going on within her, that’s a sure sign that something has shifted dramatically for her. In some cases, it may be an outside force that is weighing so heavily on her that she’s withdrawn from everyone, including her husband. In other scenarios it stems mainly from a conflict that the couple has been wading their way through. Understanding how best to deal with your wife’s refusal to talk begins with identifying the root cause.

The easiest way to determine what brought her to this point is asking her. However, that’s more than likely going to be an exercise in futility unless you approach her from a very specific place emotionally. Outright asking her why she’s become so quiet and introverted may actually cause her to pull back even further to the point where your marriage becomes a disjointed shell of what it used to be. You’ll find she’ll be much more receptive to talking about what is troubling her if you first admit that you haven’t been the perfect husband but you’ve always tried your best. Go on to explain that you notice that she’s become very reserved and you’re worried because you adore her so much. If you approach her from a place of compassion and deep concern, she’ll sense that you truly do want to help her open up more.

If she still refuses to tell you what the issue is and you see no change in her demeanor at all within a few weeks, seriously consider the idea of asking her to seek therapy with you. Explain to your wife that your primary concern is saving the marriage and ensuring that she’s in a healthy place emotionally. Research who might be a good fit for the two of you in terms of a therapist who focuses on marital issues. If your wife sees that you’re taking an active approach to changing the marriage for the better, she’s apt to start talking with you about what is causing her emotional pain.

Throughout this time always be open to talking whenever she wishes, listen with a kind heart and welcoming mind and don’t judge. Your wife’s issues, although they may seem trivial to you, are deeply impacting who she is as a person. Nothing she confides in you should ever be viewed as inconsequential or unimportant. She’s your life partner, give her all the support and love she needs.